Michael Atkinson

Lighting Systems Designer and Sustainability Coordinator

Michael is an experienced consultant and technician in this highly specialist discipline. With his encyclopaedic knowledge of luminaire, dimmer and control systems he can challenge suppliers’ claims and ensure that products perform as required.


At the National Theatre, where he spent 25 years, Michael designed new dimmer systems and control networks, and ran major rewiring and installation works. He was also instrumental in significantly reducing the theatre’s power consumption.

For Theatreplan, Michael has designed the stage and working light control systems and dimmer engineering for the Copenhagen Opera and Sydney Opera House and has advised on many other venues.

He is in regular contact with all the major suppliers and has organised dimmer and luminaire comparison demonstrations as part of his ongoing testing regime. Michael implements Theatreplan’s policy of only specifying tried and tested industrial equipment that is fully supported by established suppliers in theatre systems.


“Michael’s specialist knowledge enables the team to evaluate all available lighting systems and products from a position of strength based on understanding of what the industry offers, what it is currently focusing on and the new equipment developments that can be more efficient, reliable and operationally beneficial.”

Current Position:
Joined Theatreplan:
Theatre Electrical Engineering (City & Guilds)
Selected experience:
National Theatre: Head of Lighting Resources, Broadway: lighting control systems, West End: lighting major shows
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