Auditorium design

It’s the heart of the venue. And when it’s designed with flair and technical skill, an auditorium makes every performance memorable.


At Theatreplan, we balance the demands of audiences and performers with the practicalities of sightlines, circulation and seating – all within the architect’s aesthetic.

We are at the forefront of flexible auditorium design, using 3D modelling to create spaces that can be adapted for multiple uses – for example exhibitions, music, banquets or sports events. We can advise on all areas of design, including:

  • Intimate auditorium concepts
  • Optimised sightlines
  • Seating layouts
  • Integration of technical installations
  • Renovation and adaptation of existing spaces
  • Disabled access
  • Computer modelling
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Neil Morton
Neil is one of the leading auditorium designers working in the UK today

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