Lighting brings the performance to life. Designing the systems that achieve this is a highly specialist discipline that demands a rare blend of attributes: detailed knowledge of the latest technologies and electrical systems, and an understanding of what theatre creative teams need.


With many years’ experience as both practitioners and consultants our team offers a combination of technical skill, industry knowledge and a flair for designing innovative systems. Whether it’s new dimmer or control systems, luminaire specification or LED technologies we will work with you to provide the most suitable and cost-effective solutions. And as lighting systems can contribute significantly to power consumption, we can advise on energy efficiency and sustainability.

  • Setting budgets and writing specifications
  • Collaboration with clients to find the most appropriate solutions for their specific needs
  • Integration and coordination of technical installations within the building’s architecture
  • Design risk assessments
  • Evaluating tenders and preparing contracts
  • Monitoring installations and reporting on progress
  • Working with manufacturers to ensure the most appropriate solutions
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Michael Atkinson
Michael is one the UK’s leading lighting systems design specialists

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